Happy 4th of July!

It’s our last night in New York and wow did we log a lot of mileage today! 

Yes, 17 miles of walking and over 35,000 steps!  I’m happy to say my body held up and so did my feet.  

We actually logged about 7,000 steps just this evening walking to see the fireworks.  The New York City firework show is one of the biggest in the world and proved to be an incredible people watching experience.  What struck me most was the reaction everyone around us had once the first fireworks began going off.

It wasn’t excitement over the sounds and sights, but instead a choreographed move of everyone’s cell phones being pointed to the sky. For the next 20 minutes, people watched the show through their phones……

Here we all are in one of the greatest cities in the world experiencing this iconic firework show firsthand, and hardly anyone was watching.  

After seeing this, I made a point to put my phone away and focus upward.  This quick trip to New York has left me with so much to think about and I want to breathe in every last minute of it.  

It’s getting late and we head home tomorrow, I will be sure to share a few more highlights tomorrow since I have a 5 hour flight to focus on some writing. 

Until then…..S

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