Monday Rehab: Sometimes you have to fall down first

I was going back through my photos this evening, and found this gem.  It seemed like the perfect post for this Monday’s Rehab edition considering the round of golf I had today.

One thing I know for sure is that in order to progress, you have to first fail.  The greatest lessons in life are all learned from hardship not from experiencing success.  If I’m being honest with you all, my golf game feels like a complete failure most days.  I continue to work at it, take steps forward only to take what feels like more steps backwards.  Most of these feelings come from a much deeper place though and that’s what I have been working on more than ever lately.

Today I felt so good on the first tee.  The nerves were there but I was ready to get after it. A few holes in, I hit a tee shot out of bounds and all the sudden I was overwhelmed by feelings of consequence and where I didn’t want to hit the ball.  These feelings come up quite often for me on the course, and in the past they would have taken me down a dark path.  One of the things I have been working on is delivering honesty to myself in these moments on the course.  Instead of pretending they don’t exist, I am acknowledging them  out loud and then replacing them with positives.  It took about 6 holes to dig out of the pit today, but it felt great to know I could re-focus after such a tough stretch mentally.

Falls are going to happen in life, but it’s the ability to get back up that helps build character.  I’m looking forward to continuing my journey tomorrow, with each round I play, the more I learn about myself and my resilience.

Until then……..S

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