No Driving Range, No Problem

My tournament this weekend posed an interesting issue.  What on earth do you do when the course you are playing has no driving range?  Hitting balls is always the first stop on the way to the first tee, so for many the thought of not hitting a single shot before teeing off is frightening!

In the past I would have stopped at another range on my way to the course, feeling as though my warmup had to include hitting balls.  But over the years, my routine has changed and I have learned that I can in fact survive without taking a swing before a tee time.  

I’ve posted a lot of warm up exercises this year and talked a lot about the importance of preparing your body to avoid injury.   On a weekend like this when the range is not an option, you can lean on those exercises and they will support you! 

Here is a quick look at the extended warm up I did today.  It includes leg swings, half kneeling rotations, punches, a downward facing dog hip variation, one leg balance, side shuffles, lateral lunges with rotation, reachbacks and even some reverse lunges.   The end result was sweat and a body ready to hit the first tee.  It took me 15 minutes!! 

10:10 tee time tomorrow, I can’t wait!


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