Warm Up Wednesday: What Works for me!

I’m 5 days into tournament play and feeling great!  So just wanted to drop in with a note tonight on what I’ve been doing for a warm up this week that has me moving and feeling awesome.

  • 16 oz of water first thing in the morning
  • A solid breakfast: Today mine consisted of a protein waffle with peanut butter and bananas on it and some greek yogurt on the side.  The key here is timing, I like having a full meal about 90min to 2 hours before I play.  If I eat too close, I’ve noticed that my body feels sluggish or I get an upset stomach because of my nerves!
  • Continue to drink some water as you get ready to play
  • I start on the putting green with one ball going through my normal putting routine. I cycle through putts of all lengths, uphill, downhill, sidehill working on getting the speed of the green.  I never hit the same putt twice though because I believe it’s important to get into the competitive groove and there are no mulligans on the course
  • Next up is 10-15 minutes of movement.  Honestly, I change this up overtime depending on how my body feels.  The goal is to get a sweat going, target multiple planes of motion, engage my core, and feel powerful!
  • This is where people around me get confused, next up is the range.  However, just as I did on the putting green, I cycle through about 15 shots just like I would on the course.  And that’s it for hitting balls!
  • Drink some more water
  • I end with a few more putts before heading to the first tee

This is definitely not a magical recipe, and as I continue to understand my optimum competitive mind frame better, this routine will surely change.  But for now, I’m focusing on listening to my body and instilling confidence as I head to the first tee.

Let’s continue it tomorrow!


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