Warm Up Wednesday: Taking the Glute Bridge to a new level!

Warming up the pelvis and hips is essential to any workout or round of golf and the glute bridge is a phenomenal exercise to accomplish that.  However, it is significantly more challenging that it appears!  So why not take that challenge and add an element of rotation and stabilization to it? Glute Bridge with RotationContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Taking the Glute Bridge to a new level!”

Warm Up Wednesday: A quick activation drill

Need to wake the core up in the morning to make sure you are all set for the day?  Do this simple but effective drill! A few keys: Set up first with the knees bent and the low back in a neutral position Bring the knee up to a 90 degree angle make sure thatContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: A quick activation drill”

Warm Up Wednesday: A little agility goes a long way

When it comes to warming up whether for a workout or round of golf, never underestimate the power of some good old fashion footwork.  I’m talking running, skipping, shuffling, crossover steps, high knees, butt kicks and anything that involves a ladder! The key is with all of these exercises is precision and working every planeContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: A little agility goes a long way”

Warm Up Wednesday: 2 must do exercises before golf, workouts and starting your day!

Let’s keep this simple, you sit all day long at work and chances are your hip flexors are tight and your glutes are inhibited.  Counteracting 60 plus hours in a chair every week is impossible, but there are two simple moves you can do everyday that will provide some help so that you can stillContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: 2 must do exercises before golf, workouts and starting your day!”

Warm Up Wednesday: What Works for me!

I’m 5 days into tournament play and feeling great!  So just wanted to drop in with a note tonight on what I’ve been doing for a warm up this week that has me moving and feeling awesome. 16 oz of water first thing in the morning A solid breakfast: Today mine consisted of a proteinContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: What Works for me!”

Warm Up Wednesday: Activate that core!

I get this questions a lot: “If you could choose one exercise to engage your core before a round of golf, what would it be?” Leg Drops!! The single greatest exercise of the century guaranteed to get the body firing on all cylinders and ready to hit the golf ball a mile! Some keys toContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Activate that core!”

Warm Up Wednesday: The Power of Getting Help!

Instead of posting an exercise today, I’m going to give you a little follow up from yesterday.  Basically I overdid it this past week and my SI Joint and T/L Junction locked up on me really bad.  Probably the worst it has ever been!  I couldn’t even lean forward without my back spasming at me.Continue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: The Power of Getting Help!”

Warm Up Wednesday: Live with Grant Rice!

In case you missed it today, this is a re post of our Facebook Live video from today talking feet with Yoga Instructor, Strength Coach, Mountaineer and Martial Artist Grant Rice.  He’s sharing with you all a few exercises to do with the feet and toes that will help give you a better connection withContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Live with Grant Rice!”