Why stretch when you can grab weights!

Piggy backing off of yesterday’s post on warming up, today I wanted to share with you a few exercises that are great at preparing the body for activity by using weights.  Yes, you are going to get some dumbbells or kettlebells in your hands as a way to get ready for your workout! Here’s theContinue reading “Why stretch when you can grab weights!”

Add this move to your warmup!

When we talk about warming up, it can’t just be about a few stretches or doing a few minutes of cardio.  If you are preparing the body to do something dynamic, particularly playing golf, you need to stoke the fire and get the nervous system ready to go! That’s what this exercise is all aboutContinue reading “Add this move to your warmup!”

Pre-Round Glute Activating Exercise Alert

I’m always in search of the best ways to get my body working at it’s absolute best before a round of golf.  Over the years, I’ve reduced the amount of time on the range and increased the amount of time in the gym before a round.  I don’t know about you, but the driving rangeContinue reading “Pre-Round Glute Activating Exercise Alert”

A little Sunday reminder…..

Yes, it’s annoying and boring, but if you’re not spending time working on your movement, then you’re not getting the most out of your other workouts.  Take a little time each day or before your workout to focus on your mobility whether you are doing exercises to increase it, improve the quality of it, orContinue reading “A little Sunday reminder…..”

A new version of the Jason Glass Step out and up

All week people have been posting their versions of this awesome exercise that looks simple, but is actually quite difficult! It’s a Jason Glass original, and one that I have included in my programs for the last few years after he taught me. Why do I like this exercise so much?  For one, tall kneelingContinue reading “A new version of the Jason Glass Step out and up”

Warm Up Wednesday: Taking the Glute Bridge to a new level!

Warming up the pelvis and hips is essential to any workout or round of golf and the glute bridge is a phenomenal exercise to accomplish that.  However, it is significantly more challenging that it appears!  So why not take that challenge and add an element of rotation and stabilization to it? Glute Bridge with RotationContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Taking the Glute Bridge to a new level!”

Warm Up Wednesday: A quick activation drill

Need to wake the core up in the morning to make sure you are all set for the day?  Do this simple but effective drill! A few keys: Set up first with the knees bent and the low back in a neutral position Bring the knee up to a 90 degree angle make sure thatContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: A quick activation drill”

Warm Up Wednesday: A little agility goes a long way

When it comes to warming up whether for a workout or round of golf, never underestimate the power of some good old fashion footwork.  I’m talking running, skipping, shuffling, crossover steps, high knees, butt kicks and anything that involves a ladder! The key is with all of these exercises is precision and working every planeContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: A little agility goes a long way”