Awesome exercise alert!

I love the mini bands, they are my go to torture device when it comes to singling out the glutes and feeling the burn.  But lately, I have become an even bigger fan of using them a completely different way.

Here is one of my favorite exercises for addressing ankle and hip stability, glute activation, thoracic rotation, disassociation, balance, and you’ll feel an awesome shoulder burn!  On a separate note, when will Apple change their auto correct so that when I type in glute, it doesn’t change to flute?

Balance, Rotate and Activate

A few keys to success:

  • Place the mini band around your forearms creating some tension and ensuring the arms stay parallel to each other
  • Feel your shoulder blades pulling towards your back pockets
  • Get into golf posture on one foot lifting the free leg up towards the ceiling to better engage the glutes
  • Once you feel the glutes engage, begin rotating from the torso
  • The goal is to keep the arms and torso connected throughout the motion.  Rotate within the limits of your body
  • Start with 10 rotations on each leg

This is a great add in to your warm up or movement preparation portion of a workout.  It will engage your body in all the right places!


Warm Up Wednesday: The Power of Getting Help!

Instead of posting an exercise today, I’m going to give you a little follow up from yesterday.  Basically I overdid it this past week and my SI Joint and T/L Junction locked up on me really bad.  Probably the worst it has ever been!  I couldn’t even lean forward without my back spasming at me.

In the past I would have just ignored it.  But thanks to having a team of medical professionals around me, I have learned that the sooner this issue gets dealt with the better!

The first step was using the inferential unit and some ice.  IF sends a continuous stimulation to the muscles and has been shown to help reduce pain and swelling.  I did a second treatment of this early this morning followed by a few exercises to see how I was moving.

It was clear that something was really off still, so the next step was getting evaluated by Dr. Joe.  Thankfully he has treated me regularly over the years so is very familiar with this issue and what causes it.  He started by palpating the muscles and seeing what the response felt like as well as checking my leg length.  My left leg was a1/2 inch shorter than my right today, ouch!  Here’s the key though, this is going on due to the muscle spasms so instead of going straight to an adjustment (which my body would not respond to anyway because it was in protective mode), Dr. Joe did some ART work on my glutes and TFL.  By just doing that work, my legs evened right back out.

Next step was to reinforce the pelvis not that it was back in the correct position.  I started by doing some basic bridge patterns focusing on glute activation.  Once that began to feel more engaged, I went to a side lying position and did some clam shells.  It was also important to engage my core so I ran through some dead bug sequences as well.

I cannot stress enough how much of a game changer it is reinforcing the soft tissue changes from a treatment with exercise.  Once the body is aligned and responding better, that is the time to build on it.

The end result of all this today, I am about 95% right now and managed to survive a 6 hour flight to Kona for my sister’s wedding!

I made sure to pack my foam roller and an exercise band so that I can continue to help my condition.  Hopefully I will be back to normal and ready to hit the golf course by Friday!!



Warm Up Wednesday: TKD Edition

Today marked the end of #200kicksaday in the month of May!  And since it is Warm Up Wednesday, I figured I would share with you one of my express routines I use when I need to get everything running on all cylinders in a hurry, particularly for kicking.

Some of the moves are out of left field for golf, but in TKD, your body takes some heavy stress so it’s important to warm up with the hips in some of the extreme kicking positions.  My hips always feel awesome after these moves!

Just follow along with the video and you’re off an running!

  • 5 Hip Circles each direction
  • 5 Elbow Circles each direction
  • 5 Shoulder Circles each direction
  • 5 Ankle Circles each direction, each foot
  • 5 Knee Circles each direction
  • 5 Hip Hinges
  • 5 Cossack Squats each side
  • Sumo Squat Hip Opener 20 seconds
  • 1/2 Kneeling Reach, 5 reps each side
  • 5 Straddle Stretch Walkouts
  • 5 Kneeling Straddle Sit Backs
  • One Leg Low Straddle Stretch, 30 seconds each side


Warm Up Wednesday: So easy you can do these in your jeans!

Today I’m sharing with you a few of my go to warm up exercises for both the gym and the golf course (although these are a little tough to do on the actual course).  The nice part with both of these is that they address several areas of mobility and stability at the same time.  And anytime you can streamline a warm up, I’m all for it!

First up is the Frog Sit Back:

  • Start in a standard plank/pushup position, wrists under shoulders, glutes engaged and spine neutral
  • Begin by pushing your hands into the ground slowing taking small steps backwards
  • Keep pushing until you end up in a frog leg position similar to a deep squat
  • Hold this for a few seconds and then walk yourself back to the starting position

What is great with this exercise is that it fires up some shoulder stability and engages the abs.  While that is going on, it challenges the pelvis and hips as you sit back helping to open up the lower body.  So basically this is a primer exercise for everything you want to do in the gym!

Next on the docket, Warrior Rotations:

  • Begin in that same awesome plank/pushup position
  • Pull one foot up to the outside of your hand
  • Once you are in this position, squeeze the opposite glute and lengthen by pushing your heel towards the ground
  • Next up is the rotation, you will turn into the forward leg
  • Start your rotation by moving the sternum first, also letting your eyes and head follow the movement
  • Reach for the ceiling making sure your arm stays lined up with the torso

Just like the frogs, this is a great exercise for opening up the hips but with the added bonus of addressing the thoracic spine.

Start by doing 10-15 reps of each exercise!

If you get really adventurous, you can even combine these two exercises by doing one Frog Sit Back and then the Warrior Rotation.

Have fun, hope you enjoyed the sun today!



One of my favorites…..

Only one more day left here in paradise, so in honor of this glorious weather here is one of my favorite exercises I just happened to film at the top of Kokohead Crater this past January.

I’s and Y’s

The goal of this exercise is not just to engage the mid and lower trap muscles, but also to challenge your ability to stabilize your core.  As the arms raise up, it is easy to go into an anterior pelvic tilt to gain the feeling of more range of motion.  You instead want to engage the glutes and abs to stabilize the lumbar spine and raise the arms only as high as you are able.  I also like feeling of my shoulder blades going into my back pockets and space being maintained between the shoulder and ear.

Give these a try as part of your workout or warm up!


Warm Up Wednesday: The Uneven Farmer Carry

Sometimes preparing the body for activity is not always about mobility.  Yes, leg swings and arm circles are great, but what about stoking the stability fire???

Today I bring you an exercise that most of us do in our daily life without even realizing it.  The purpose, to engage and challenge those stabilizers!

The Farmer Carry is a staple in my training program, and needs to be in yours.  It is as simple as just picking up something heavy and walking around with it.  But for this week’s Warm Up Wednesday, I wanted to share with you a variation that I like because of the unilateral challenge it provides.

The Uneven Farmer Carry

A few keys:

  • To start, pick up the weight with good form.  In the video, I am using standard suitcase carry form making sure to breath out as I pick the weight up off the ground
  • Your goal is to walk around with the weight keeping your shoulders and hips as level as possible
  • Feel as though your shoulder blades are dropping into your back pockets as you walk around
  • Once you ready to switch, once again revert back to that great squat form to lower the weight back down and bring it back up on the other side
  • When I use this in my warm up, I will do several sets walking around for about 20 seconds each set

Now, you don’t have to have a weight or kettlebell in order to do this one.  I have been known to pick up my golf bag and walk around the driving range!

I happened to use this one today before my golf lesson, and I have to say my core felt much more engaged.  Let me know if you feel the same!


P.S.  In honor of April being my birthday month, and also the official start of my mid 30’s, we’re going to switch gears!  The entire month of April will be full of daily workouts including the dreaded Birthday workout on the 13th.  That’s right, 35 exercises, 35 reps…….it’s going to be awesome! Start preparing! 🙂