Lessons from kicking and sweating this week!

This video sums right up how frustrating learning a new skill can be. This month we have to work on this specific kick, a jumping front from the back leg with no stepping into it. This means pure ground force has to be generated and a counter movement has to occur to create enough stability to throw the kick. Not to mention you need speed to get the foot out and in!
That statement sums right up what is missing for me physically right now on the golf course. And oddly enough this Metconmonster challenge seems to be shedding more light everyday on where the breakdown exists.
So here is my thought of the day for you all based off of this……
Everyone talks about explosive rotational training for golfers and for some reason a lot of trainers (including myself!) tend to place a higher focus there. But aren't we already rotating up a storm each day practicing and playing? Why on earth do we need to train more rotation? Wouldn't it make more sense to train in other planes of motion?
If I had a runner or cyclist, we would spend more time working laterally to offset the hours they spend working in a linear direction. The same idea is true of golfers, they rotate for hours a day so addressing a linear plane with them is even more important!
What I find interesting is how over the years I have applied this concept to my clients, but not myself.
And this is why daily challenges are proving to be so beneficial. Each day I get a little insight into my own world and into my approach with others.

Crap, I still have to do my glute exercises…….see you tomorrow!


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