A swing story

This golf swing represents so much. It's filled with insecurities, imperfection, doubt, hope, fear, competitiveness, expectations, and years of scars. It's the story of who I was, who I've become and who I will be. But it doesn't define who I am. Golf is a part of my soul, it drives me to fight hard each day and challenge myself to face every fear in my body.
Every time I put the peg in the ground and feel the nerves pump through my heart all the way to my hands, I'm reminded of why I continue to forge a path forward. This game, this swing that has haunted me at so many points in my life, also fills me with love. And that's why I continue to fight so hard for it.
Today in particular on the course was filled with so many positive feelings despite a rough start to the round. I found a level of peace for the first time in 25 years. No longer was I fighting for every shot, but instead I embraced every moment.
The weird part was that it didn't take a low score to achieve this feeling, but instead just a high level of acceptance. Shots that didn't have a great result, still had a positive feel to them.
So tonight I'm saying thank you golf for every bump, bruise, tear, solid shot, smile, fist pump and ounce of joy it's every given me. And thank you for everything it will bring to me in the future 🙂

Sincerely, Shawn

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