When plan A fails, make it work!

Today's lesson is all about rolling with the punches. I've been up early every day for the past, well, 10 years. Seriously though, my alarm keeps going off at 5am. Usually my schedule accommodates me fitting in a workout, today it just didn't. 7 hours with no break training clients usually means I am exhausted, hungry and ready for a nap! But today I didn't take the out, this workout was going to happen. What did it take to summon some motivation? Music, a plan, and accountability. Basically I had to remind myself how great these workouts are making me feel, and how much confidence I have gained in a short period of time. I also remembered that tomorrow is a day off so some hard work today would make the recovery time feel even better.
The truth is, sometimes you just have to make it work. Whether you change up the workout, shorten the duration, or make an embarrassing playlist of guilty pleasure songs, you just have to find your zone.

And honestly, sometimes it's worth skipping the workout and taking the nap!!

Happy Friday!


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