Monday Rehab: Metconmonster……how this challenge changed me!

15 days ago I signed up to be apart of the Metconmonster Challenge with 1000’s of women from all over the world.  The goal, to complete 12 workouts in 15 days.  The workouts are all designed by the awesome Jill Coleman and are focused more on efficiency, pushing hard and also resting as needed.

As I wrote about in the beginning, I tested out some of the workouts before deciding to do the challenge.  I was nervous about pushing my body this hard with exercises that are more focused on a linear plan, especially during golf season.  But, off I went and today I finished the last day!

Here is what I learned:

  • My body needed to be worked in a linear plane.  In fact, it’s where I am most week.  I could do 180 degree jumps all day long but if you ask me to load a dead lift or squat and I am toast!  After two weeks of adding this plane back in, I feel better than I have in years.
  • Fear was keeping me from pushing myself in the gym.
  • There are so many ways to modify these workouts or to create your own versions that make it safe and challenging.
  • I need accountability!
  • These shorter workouts made a huge difference for me even on a tournament day.  Usually I am straying away from intensity in the days leading up to an event, but this actually energized me and made my body feel powerful.  Granted, I still had to modify to an extent to keep it safe, but on one day in particular I busted out the Gym Crusher workout after 18 holes of competitive golf and felt that it sped up my recovery.
  • These positive results may not always be the case and I still have to listen to my body and allow for recovery time when needed.

Will I continue on?  Heck yes!  I’m going to incorporate this style of training into my routine and will absolutely use it on those days when all I can find is 15 minutes to train. And I will for sure be getting my coworkers involved, watch out everyone!

More thoughts coming your way later this week.


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