A fun variation on the Burpee!

If you know me, you know that I hate burpees!  As a golfer, the risk vs. reward factor on this exercise is not good.  However, I do like the concept behind them and am on a mission to change the way they are done.  So today I bring you a little twist on the traditional burpee that amped up my workout today!

The Freeze and Rotate Burpee

A few keys:

  • Use an incline, I can’t stress this enough!  Going to the floor for the burpee is half the problem with it between the concussion to the wrists and the strain it can put on the back.  Being on an incline just makes this exercise better!
  • Your first move is to jump the feet out and stabilize.  This is where a burpee can actually bring a lot to the table.  As you jump those feet out and quickly find perfect posture, it brings in an element of dynamic stabilization.  I like pausing once I hit the position just to reinforce it even more.  It also forces me into making sure I found the correct position.
  • Next jump those feet back up into an athletic position.
  • From here you are going to do a 180 degree jump either right or left (doesn’t matter which direction you start because you’re going to be alternating).  The goal is to land in the same position you took off from again addressing some dynamic stabilization.
  • Start with 10 reps taking your time at first and then see how quickly you can react to do the 180 degree jump!
  • Sweat copious amounts


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