Some September Challenge Ideas!

As I talked about yesterday, we’re switching up the core work a bit for the month of September and doing 100 reps of any glute exercises and 100 reps of any core/ab/lumbar stabilization exercises.  Today I’m sharing with you a few ideas to get you started!

Here’s a look at what I am demoing (the video is sped up!)

  • Dead Bugs Alternating:  this exercise is just a winner, but performed wrong fairly often.  The key is stabilization, make sure you can maintain neutral spine the entire time and only extend the arms and legs as far as you can maintain the position.  The hardest part is sequencing the limbs properly, make sure you are doing opposite arm to leg and as one side moves, the other stays stable.  Do 20 reps total
  • Figure 4 Dead Bug:  Cross your leg to create the figure 4 position and then activate the abs to pull the leg back up.  As an added challenge, hold the legs at the top for a count of 5.  Do 10 reps on each leg
  • Slow Mountain Climber/Frog Leg Combo:  Find a solid pushup position, wrists under shoulders and neutral spine.  Bring your knee to your chest maintaining the spinal position and hold for a few seconds.  Alternate each leg then transition to a frog leg.  In the video I did 20 reps total but broke it up with the next exercise.
  • Plank retractions:  From a perfect plank position, squeeze your shoulder blades!  20 reps
  • Side Plank Side Leg Lift:  And this was the finisher from a modified position.  Elbow under shoulder, neutral spine and body in a straight line.  Lift your top leg and feel the glute burn!  10 reps each leg or just go until you burn out each side.

Give this sequence a trip at the end of your next workout and enjoy the benefits!

See you tomorrow…….S

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