Dumbbell Domination…..here we go!

I have to admit, I love taking on workout challenges.  The Metconmonster was a huge eye opener for me last month on the limits of my body.  After years of making excuses and fearing an increased training volume, I found out that my body really needed more of a challenge.  The shorter duration, yet still intense workouts seemed to bring out a new performance level for me.

So enters Dumbbell Domination, 8 workouts over the course of 10 days.  Similar to the Metcon, the idea is to work hard for a shorter duration, no longer than 30 minutes.  These workouts seem to have a little more of a strength focus which excites me!  The past 8 weeks I have been gradually making improvements so this feels like the perfect time to see what I can handle.  And the best part is this challenge ends right about the time I am going to start tapering down in preparation for my golf tournament.

The first workout I took on today used a descending rep count starting at 12 and decreasing to 4.  I decided to add an extra 1 minute cardio sprint in since I am placing a high priority on improving my cardiac output.  The golf tournament at the end of this month is at 7000 ft altitude, and I want to be prepared!  The better my lungs are, the easier it will be to adjust.

The Metcon workouts have definitely been resulting in a lot of sweat, but this workout topped it!  I was pouring sweat halfway through, and could have rung my shirt out after.  I can only imagine what the next workout will bring in the morning, but for some reason, I can’t wait!

See you then!


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