A Quick Bodyweight Workout when you only have 10 minutes!

Let’s be real, we all have those days where working out just doesn’t workout. But as I like to teach all my clients, finding 10 minutes to commit to exercise is easy! Maybe it means setting the alarm clock a few minutes earlier, or taking a 2 minute break every hour for 5 hours of your work day to stand up and do something. The truth is there is no magic recipe, you don’t have to complete the entire workout at once. Sometimes it’s just about getting up and moving!


So today I’m sharing a quick bodyweight workout you can do anywhere, anytime!  It will get your heart rate up and muscles burning.  I’ve also included a few modifications 🙂

15 Full plus half rep Squats (you can do these minus the 1/2 rep)

10 Pushups (from knees or on an incline)

20 Alternating Reverse Lunges (there is no modification, just do these because they are awesome!)

15 Plank Shoulder Retractions (you can do these from the knees as well)

20 Lateral Bounds (you can alter these by just jumping a shorter distance)

30 seconds of speed!  This could be running in place, punching, jumping jacks, basically anything that will get you heart rate up!

Repeat this 4 times and you’re on your way to a better day!

See you all tomorrow!


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