The September Challenge Continues..

We’re halfway through the month and going strong!  So I wanted to share with you a quick side lying sequence that will target the glutes while also working on controlling neutral spine with hip motion.

A few keys to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your spine is lined up, a quick fix is to let your head rest on your arm or you can use a pillow.
  • Find neutral spine and focus on maintaining it, if you need some extra help, pushing your hand into the ground will do that!
  • The goal is to do 20 reps from each position, but what matters more is range of motion.  If at some point you lose mobility, then the exercise is done.
  • In this sequence I am doing basic Clam Shells alternating between external and internal rotation, both supported and unsupported.
  • The last motion is a straight leg with the foot turned slightly towards the ground to better engage the glute med/min.
  • And finally, if you have a cute puppy to cuddle you, it makes this one even better! 🙂



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