Clam Shells, no longer Basic

Clam Shells are probably the most prescribed, butchered, over and under utilized exercises (if that makes sense) in the history of the world.  If you’ve been to PT to rehab your knee, ankle or hip you’ve most likely done them.  And if you’ve been to PT for a broken finger I guarantee you also gotContinue reading “Clam Shells, no longer Basic”

Let’s get those Glutes helping your core

So you now have a better moving, more activated pelvis capable of finding a perfect neutral position in your exercises!  But how on earth to stabilize it and truly get the most out of every movement? The Glutes They are responsible for rotating and extending the hips in their primary action, but they also haveContinue reading “Let’s get those Glutes helping your core”

When your dog photo bombs your glute exercise

How on earth do you wake up one of the most essential muscle groups to energy transfer, lower back support, knee alignment, comfort, life and let’s face it, making a pair of pants look awesome? The glutes are back on this Monday to kick off the week and get your workouts started in the rightContinue reading “When your dog photo bombs your glute exercise”

Pre-Round Glute Activating Exercise Alert

I’m always in search of the best ways to get my body working at it’s absolute best before a round of golf.  Over the years, I’ve reduced the amount of time on the range and increased the amount of time in the gym before a round.  I don’t know about you, but the driving rangeContinue reading “Pre-Round Glute Activating Exercise Alert”

Let’s fix this Glute exercise!

In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s post, I’m once again bringing you a quick fix on an exercise that is commonly performed incorrectly.  The only difference today is that I don’t hate this exercise, I actually think it’s awesome.  I’m more just confused as to why people are still slapping on ankle weights andContinue reading “Let’s fix this Glute exercise!”

All or Something: When you’re sick but still want to move

Reality check, I’m not invisible and when my body starting giving me every sign on earth last week that it was time to rest, I gave it the middle finger and went hiking when I knew I was getting sick. I’m always amazed at how I tell my clients to rest when they are sick,Continue reading “All or Something: When you’re sick but still want to move”

#200glutesaday Tall Kneeling Edition

Today we continue our January mission to activate and strengthen our glutes.  As much as I love those clam shells, it’s important to mix up your training to keep those muscles guessing! Tall Kneeling is one of the most underutilized training positions out there, but let me tell you, it is awesome and definitely deservesContinue reading “#200glutesaday Tall Kneeling Edition”

#200glutesaday, let’s go!

I’m turning up the heat today on those glutes and giving you a challenge that only involves 2 exercises.  But, they are a doozy! Elevated Frog Pump: I love this exercise!  It is almost impossible to not feel your glutes while doing this one, and by elevating the feet it increases the glute activity evenContinue reading “#200glutesaday, let’s go!”

#200 Glutes a day, Isometric Challenge

This is by far one of my favorite ways to work my glutes!  Aside from being ridiculously difficult, it also works the obliques like crazy and challenges your balance. The idea is to get into a kicking position as if you are going to fire out a roundhouse or 45 degree kick.  You’re going toContinue reading “#200 Glutes a day, Isometric Challenge”