A fun drill to add to your workout!

This one is all about reacting and speed.  And to accomplish it you do not have to use a heavy med ball because this is more about you body’s ability to adapt.  In fact, I like using something similar to a soccer ball because it won’t rebound off the wall as quickly which means you have to use more speed to get it back in your hands.  The ball will also have a tendency to go different directions which means you have to be on your toes!

I demo two versions in the video.  The first is just the basic sequence where you are going to get in an athletic posture and focus on using your body to create the power instead of your hands.  Once you get the rhythm, focus on increasing your spend and feeling yourself fire into your hips and torso.  The second variation adds a 180 degree jump in it!  Once again, it’s all about quick reaction time and efficiency, two variables that lead to a more solid golf swing!

Have fun!


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