A few of my favorite Glute exercises!

Can you really have too many glute exercises?  I think not!  I’m sharing with you tonight a few of my recent favorites that are definitely getting the job done.  Glute Bridges are a pretty standard exercise, but I find the floor position puts a little too much pressure on my neck and my range of motion feels restricted.  However, by simply lifting either the feet or torso up, magically the bridge gains super powers!

Give these two versions a try:

Elevated Glute Bridge (on bench)

  • Set up on a bench so just the top of your shoulders are resting, feet are hip width apart, toes pointed forward and hands behind your head.
  • Let you hips drop for the ground allowing your head to come off the bench.
  • Once your hips hit the ground, initiate with the glutes feeling your pelvis tuck under as you raise your hips back up.
  • I like to hold it at the top for a few seconds just to increase the tension on the glutes.

Elevated Frog Bridge

  • This time you are going to set up with your torso on the floor and your feet on the bench in a frog leg position.
  • Begin by pushing the bottom of your feet together to engage the glutes.
  • Let the hips open to a natural position and slowly raise your hips off the ground.
  • There is pretty much no way to avoid the glutes engaging with this one.
  • And just like the other, if you hold it at the top, it reaches a new level of awesome!




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