Putt, Putt and more Putts!

These greens out here in Santa Fe are fast!  Jack Nicklaus definitely did his classic style, but the more they firm up, the more exciting they have been.  So on a day like this where you are working to feel and see the movement and speed on each green, it’s important to make sure you spend your practice green time wisely.  It’s not just about putting 3 balls down and hitting the same putt over and over.  You need variety, a challenge and most importantly, a way to induce those lovely feelings of frustration we all get on the course.

The answer today was The Mickelson Putting Drill!

The first step is to set up 3 long putts from 20 feet, 30 feet and 50 feet.  I prefer to pick ones that have either movement or some speed.

Next you mark off 4 three foot putts from all side of a hole, again with some movement!

Finally, pick a 10 foot putt.  This is where you can decide how much hair pulling out you want.  Right up the fall line is best, but why not make it a little fun and pick one of those dreaded left to righters.

To complete the drill, you must putt within a putters length of the long putts consecutively.  If you miss one, start over.  Once you have completed that, make all 4 three footers in a row.  Again, miss one, go back to the 20 footer and start over!  And if you make it all the way through those money putts, you must make the 10 footer to be complete.

I like adding the stipulation to the first three long putts that if you miss, it has to be not he high side.

Happy Monday!


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