Make Birdies!

I have been working on a mind frame shift all year on the course. Instead of getting ahead of myself and thinking about what I might shoot, I’m focusing on just making birdies. No matter what happens over the course of a hole, I move right on to the next,doing whatever I can to get the putter in my hand with a chance at birdie. There has been glimmers of this throughout the last month, but today was truly the first time I got it to shift completely. I put a peg in the ground telling myself today that I was going to shoot under par. And as the round progressed, I caught myself getting ahead of the plan once, then end result was a bogey. So I acknowledged the presence of the thought, and refocused on the goal at hand, make birdies! After an even par front, I felt a change right away at the turn and just said “get the putter in you hand and have a chance”. Next thing you know I hit every green on the back nine and fired a -2 70!!

A great reminder today of two themes in my life right now: Progress, not perfection and All or Something.

Workout coming your way tomorrow to kick off the week, goodnight friends!


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