Hello Inglewood CC

What an awesome afternoon is was walking the beautiful hills of Inglewood CC.  There is so much I love about this golf course and so many memories I have from playing it in my teen years.

When I walk down the 7th fairway, I remember the intense sun we faced at the WJGA District Tournament when I was 14.  That day I shot 104, and it was 104 degrees out.  I walked away with second degree burns on my right hand that left scars still visible to this day.

The following summer, I played an inter club event and broke 90 for the first time (shooting 84) out there.  Then not 3 weeks later, I followed that up with an 80!  That was the summer my handicap dropped 8 shots and took my first real step towards playing college golf one day.

Years later I returned for the SWGA City Tournament when I was 19 and somehow found my way to the final 26 hole match.  That day I took on the amazing Anne Carr who is not only an phenomenal player, but a legend.  We were all square after the first 18, and then she made a run in the final few holes to beat me 3 and 2.  It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my entire life and I still draw from it to this day when I’m competing.

Today I got to enjoy it with the Seattle U Golf Teams and it once again showed it’s teeth.  But I’m always overcome by these fond memories and love every bogey, par and hopeful birdie that comes my way.  Today I managed a 2 over 75 making a 40 foot putt on 18.  What a great reminder of why I continue to play this crazy game despite the despair I experience with it.

Until tomorrow friends……S

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