It’s been an emotional week.  The news has been tough, the stories even tougher.  Part of me wants to continue watching it, but another part just wants to find an escape. (thank you netflix!)  But today I found myself enthralled listening to the radio as Dori Monson shared audio from an Eric Church performance at the Grand Old Opry from last night.  I’m a huge country music fan, and over the years it has helped me get through the best of times and the worst.  So hearing the sadness in Eric Church’s voice brought tears to my eyes tonight.  I think he does an amazing job summing up many of the feelings everyone has had this week hearing so many of the stories coming out of Vegas.  I leave you with this powerful video…..

Hug your loved ones tight, tell those around you how you feel, have a little more compassion, appreciate even the most tough moments in life.  We’re fortunate for so much, it’s amazing how easy it is to forget that.


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