Working out with a shortened time table

One of my favorite parts about traveling is getting to workout in the hotel gym.  It sounds ridiculous, but I always feel like it’s a new challenge to see what I can come up with depending on what equipment they have.  This morning I was lucky because the Red Rock Casino in Vegas has a phenomenal workout space!  However, on my way to the fitness facility I received a text from our pet sitter saying that my sweet little Danno was not feeling well and was maybe needing to go to the vet.  I turned right around and went back to the room to figure out what to do.  20 minutes later, we had changed our flight to earlier and now had to speed up our plans for the day.  This left me with only 20 minutes to workout.  I could have easily thrown in the towel especially since I was so upset about my puppy, but instead I did my best to rally knowing that if I just stepped foot in the fitness room I would feel better.

With basically no time now, I decided to select 6 exercises and set my timer for 15 minutes.  The goal being to push myself to complete as many rounds as possible.  It ended up being awesome, I was drenched in sweat and immediately felt like I could take on the world.  That truly is the beauty of exercise, it can serve so many purposes for everyone!

Here is what my workout looked like, give it a try!

1a Goblet Squat


1b Pushup


1c Kettlebell Swing


1d Side Plank Abduction

5 R/L

1e Kettlebell Clean


1f Plank Retractions


See you tomorrow!


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