Real talk…..

I saw this today on the Proactive Coaching Facebook page and had to share it…..

“No matter how much you know and no matter how nice you are to others, if you are not a person of integrity and character, you will not be trusted. Integrity and Character make up the foundation on which trust is built or from which it crumbles.”

Time for some Real Talk this evening…..

This statement was fitting to read on a day like this when my social media accounts were filled with praise and congratulations for a person who I have no respect or trust for.  With every post that appears, I just keep shaking my head and feeling more annoyed.  On one side, I always want to root for great golf and love seeing others succeed.  But on the other, I want to just scream at the top of my lungs “how can you not see how unethical, rude and fake this person is!”  Here’s the truth though, sometimes the people who go out of their way to be the nicest, are overcompensating for their true colors and consequently have the world fooled.  I guess this is part of life though, and when someone has wronged you and others, it’s important to realize that you have to move on and have high levels of acceptance.  My experience with this person while terrible, is not the same experience others have had.  And to waste time and energy being mad accomplishes nothing.  Now more that ever, I must let go of the bad feelings I have.

So instead of letting my frustration get the best of me tonight, I’m just going to be happy for someones success.  They’ve worked hard and that motivates me to continue to raise the level of my game.  I had a talk with my sports psychologist last week and we discussed the importance of just letting people be.  There is no sense in trying to change someones mind on an issue, instead just embrace your own, respect theirs and go on with life.  That sounds like a really great plan.

That’s all for now………




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