Surviving the Red Eye

In theory it sounds like a good idea. Why waste daylight hours flying when you can just do it overnight while you sleep right? It is amazing how wrong this plan is, the red eye flight is brutal! We took one last night that was just short enough that you didn’t really get a decent amount of sleep, and we also had to connect so there was no chance to rest.

Knowing how tough these flights can be, I tried a new strategy that turned out to work!

Turns out, the power of exercise extends to recovering from a late night flight. Once we arrived at our location, I managed a 2 hour nap and then got up and hit the gym. Knowing that I was fatigued, I kept the workout and simple. Here’s what it looked like:

  • 10 One Arm Shoulder press
  • 10 Racked Squats
  • 10 Snatches
  • 10 Reverse Lunges
  • Repeat on the other side

The idea was to complete the four exercises with your right arm, then the left. I followed that with a 30 second spring on the airdine machine (basically it’s a torture bike that jacks your heart rate up!). I completed four rounds of this and finished with some dead bugs.

Magically, I felt so much better and energized!

I’m curious to see how I feel in the morning since it seems to take me a couple days to return to normal after red eye. Hopefully the workout put me back on track!

Until then, S

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