May the Lunge be with you

As we head into one of the final weeks of the year, I thought it might be fun to talk about an exercise that made so many appearances on the blog over the months!

Hello Lunge 🙂

I have a love affair with them, and frankly there is nothing better than the endless varieties surrounding them and their unmistakable ability to get the heart rate up.

But even the greatest of exercises has a dark side (cue Darth Vador theme song).

I try my best when coaching to only talk about the positives and what an exercise needs verses what it shouldn’t look like. So without going into too much depth, you know something has gone wrong if your Lunge looks at all like this…..

All of these positions put either too much stress on the knees, low back or lack core engagement. Instead, this is what you are looking for!

Here are the keys to a perfect Lunge:

  • Look for 90 degree angles with the legs
  • The front knee needs to stay within the boundary of your shoe
  • Tuck the pelvis in the posterior direction, this engages the glutes and puts an active stretch on the hip flexor
  • Push the front foot evenly into the ground when raising out of the motion
  • Level hips! I like placing my hands on the hip bones and watching in a mirror to ensure this happens. This is the great dictator of your range of motion, if the hips are off, you may have lowered too much
  • I like to use the cue pushing slightly out with both knees while maintaining alignment
  • Neutral spine, neutral head position and posture!
  • You want to keep the spine tall or just slightly forward, focus on keeping the rib cage pulled down

If you can master this position from a static position, then the fun can officially start. Check back tomorrow for a couple of my favorite variations!


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