Why even a fitness coach, needs a coach

Last summer one of my favorite fitness coaches did an awesome Instagram workout challenge called the #Metconmonster.  I was a little scared to commit to it because of how intense it seemed to be, but at the time I was in search of something.  Yes, something.  I didn’t know what at the time, all I knew is that my fitness was at a crossroads and something had to give.

Day after day I kept facing the same challenges in the gym physically and mostly mentally.  My body was slow to recover from anything I did, the next day I would have a headache, there was always a lingering fear of injury and all I could push myself to was maybe 50%.

So when Jill Coleman (who I absolutely love following because she tells it like it is!) posted about the Metconmonster challenge, I decided to make a change.  And what I found was an amazing community of women all striving for different goals but who were there to support each other.

These workouts were so out of the box for me, and it had been years since I dared to touch weights let alone push my body out of it’s comfort zone.  Funny how you can spend over 15 years in the fitness industry helping others achieve their goals by pushing them out their comfort zone but somehow you forget about yourself.  Taking on this challenge was really the first time I trusted another coach to lead me into a new era of fitness for aimed at my goals.

Those 10 days last summer were life changing for me.  It was the first time I was able to push past my fears and see that my body was still there for me.  Don’t get me wrong, these workouts were tough!  And the amount of sweat that poured out of me made me wonder if my years of avoiding intensity had been stored up just waiting for this opportunity to drench my gym floor.  But every drop was so worth it and with each workout I could feel years of fear just flying away.

Since then, I have stuck to the program and continued to push myself.  The amazing part is finding that many of my fitness goals such as doing a pistol squat, ended up happening as a result!  I literally had been working on doing that squat for the past 3 years without any improvement and after 4 months of consistent high intensity, strength workouts, boom!!

Today marks the start of a new Metconmonster Challenge and I am so excited to take it on again.  There are new workouts this time that are no joke, but that only makes it more fun!  This coach is loving that for the next 10 days, my workouts are pre planned and once again I have this amazing community of women joining in.  It’s not too late for you to join the fun, head to @jillfit on Instagram and you can find all the details, you won’t regret it!  Remember that everyday is a great day to make a change.  Living a life filled with fear is no way to walk through life, you never know what will meet you on the other side.  You just may find yourself again 🙂

Happy Wednesday folks!




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