Two great TKD drills that will help your golf swing

I’ve been incorporating martial arts into my fitness routine for 6 years now……when you marry a 6th degree blackbelt in TKD, you pretty much don’t have an option other than to learn!  Since golf has been my main sport most of my life, it has been fascinating learning a new skill.  And one of my biggest realizations up to this point in my training, is just how much martial arts works in symphony with golf!

TKD mostly involves kicking…..a lot of it….in the air….spinning….jumping off of stuff…..honestly, I just imagine that I am Chuck Norris most of the time or Peter Griffin in that Family Guy episode where he went around kicking everyone and saying “Roadhouse”.

Whether your goal is to go Walker Texas Ranger style on someone or just do some go old fashion TKD, you have to have a hell of a lot of hip mobility and you also need to have phenomenal movement from the thoracic spine.  Does that sound familiar to any of you golfers out there?

Today I’m showing you a few of the moves we do as part of our TKD training that I have begun to incorporate into many of my golfer’s daily routines, including my own.  They are a bit on the extreme side in terms of what they ask from the hips, so definitely make sure you are cleared by a medical professional before doing these especially if you have any hip pain to begin with.

Adductor Stretch/T-Spine Rotation

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The first part of the video is the modified version which I tend to prefer.  Having my elbow on the ground feels like a better anchor to produce t-spine rotation from.
  • In both cases, set your legs up to a level of flexibility that fits you!  No need to push into extreme pain here.
  • The idea is to put both legs in abduction and have the hips flexed.
  • Once secured in the legs, you will initiate rotation by moving from the chest and letting your head follow the hand movement.
  • Your scapula needs to move along the rib cage as you rotate.
  • Only rotate as far as your chest will let you, your arm should stay connected to that motion as well.
  • Don’t be surprised if one side feels different from the others, completely normal for everyone!
  • And, if you want to modify this exercise further, you can also do it with only one leg abducted out.  You will still get the same adductor stretch, but not as intense or challenging on the pelvis.
  • In TKD there is a need for this extreme range of motion in the hips in order kick at the height and velocity needed, that is why you have to train these positions.  Although you may not be doing a split like motion in the golf swing, I have found that this exercise has translated over to my hips and t-spine moving significantly better!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Happy Tuesday friends!



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