Beyond Foam Rolling: A great way to use your foam roller for stability feedback

To foam roll or not to foam roll, that seems to be the question these days.  Some say no, it breaks blood vessels and has no merit, others say that it helps circulation and loosens up the muscles.

So while the world is deciding on whether to roll or not, I say, why not use it for another purpose?

When it comes to doing stability work, it’s so important to have some type of external feedback.  And Birddogs are one of the most butchered exercises on earth without it.  By simply placing a foam roller on your lower back once you find the ideal starting position, you can now find proper form without anyone coaching you.

Here’s why it works:

  • The foam roller will only stay on your back to begin with if you spine is neutral.
  • Any shifting side to side will result in the foam roller moving around.
  • The same goes for a loss of neutral spine when extending the leg behind you.
  • It also encourages your to stay slow and controlled with the motion focusing on muscle activation.
  • And most importantly, because it just stinking works!

No foam roller handy?  One of my favorite options is to balance a golf club across your lower back or better yet, and cup of water (this one is tough!).

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


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