If you struggle with Shoulder Stability….you need this exercise!

Where are my fellow crazy wild arm hypermobile golfers at? Yes, I’m talking to all of you who feel like it doesn’t matter what you do, your arms are in a completely different planet when you swing the club.  And that means you’re constantly struggling with timing.  Always using your hands to square the faceContinue reading “If you struggle with Shoulder Stability….you need this exercise!”

Hello Stability, nice to meet you!

Here’s the deal, everyone in my golf fitness world talk non stop about being mobile, improving mobility, flexibility, increasing rotation……basically, let’s make our joints move more. Sorry to all you pro mobility people out there, but I’m going to head a different direction with this post and challenge you to consider another option. I’m notContinue reading “Hello Stability, nice to meet you!”

How to use a foam roller to up your Dead Bug game

Lumbar stabilizing exercises are one of the most underrated exercises in any training program.  Yes, they’re not super exciting, but the rate of return on them is huge! The Dead Bug in particular is one of those lumbar stabilizing exercises that is commonly used, but rarely performed correctly.  But there are some simple solutions usingContinue reading “How to use a foam roller to up your Dead Bug game”

Add this move to your warmup!

When we talk about warming up, it can’t just be about a few stretches or doing a few minutes of cardio.  If you are preparing the body to do something dynamic, particularly playing golf, you need to stoke the fire and get the nervous system ready to go! That’s what this exercise is all aboutContinue reading “Add this move to your warmup!”

A great way to work on your core stability and torso rotation

On a week like this when I will not be swinging very many golf clubs, but I have to keep my rotational patterns intact for my tournament next week, I’m always looking to incorporate a little more “golfish” in to my workouts. As part of my warm up this morning I included this fun littleContinue reading “A great way to work on your core stability and torso rotation”

A great way to challenge stability and mobility

It’s fun to do fancy exercises, but the only way to get to those is developing a solid base first.  Simplicity is the key to success in the gym in my opinion and when it comes to incorporating rotation, the simpler the better. This is one of my go to exercises that will teach youContinue reading “A great way to challenge stability and mobility”

The Plank Leg Lift: If it’s not difficult, you’re not doing it right

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite variations of the plank! Meet the Plank Leg Lift: Using the Plank/Pushup position or even the Bird Dog position to work on stability are all wins in my book.  Unfortunately, most of the time these exercises are completely butchered and lose all their purpose in theContinue reading “The Plank Leg Lift: If it’s not difficult, you’re not doing it right”

The good, the bad and the “golfish”

There is a bit of a debate in my industry when it comes to whether or not exercises that look like a golf swing are actually helpful.  As with most things in life, people seem to fall somewhere on the far extremes of this conversation.  But in my mind, the truth of the issue liesContinue reading “The good, the bad and the “golfish””

My Top 5 Favorite Exercises to Improve Your Movement!

Yesterday I posted a gentle reminder about the importance of doing mobility and movement work as part of your fitness plan.  But what does that really mean?  Is it as simple as stretching or do you need to sign up for a dance class and start getting your twerk on? The answer is always complicatedContinue reading “My Top 5 Favorite Exercises to Improve Your Movement!”