Lateral Bound Variation

Just stopping in to break down one of the burpee variations I posted a few days ago.  This one was by far my favorite and I’m definitely going to add it into some of my workout routines.

Why do I modify the motion on a bench?  I find that I’m able to to stabilize my lumbar area better at a slight angle and my wrists are not as impacted.  It also puts less strain on my lower back.

Why add a pause when you jump the feet out?  It’s just a few extra seconds to make sure your core is engaged which is essential to performing this dynamic motion correctly.  It’s super easy to get sloppy with it and potentially cause injury to the lower back or hips.

What is your favorite variation?  As I mentioned above, the lateral bound variation is the best.  I love dynamic exercises that combine motions in all planes.  Most everything with do is moving forward and back throughout the day so this is a great opportunity to challenge your nervous system by changing the direction.

That’s all for now folks, try adding 30 seconds of this exercise into your next workout and enjoy the benefit!


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