Pick up heavy things and you’ll build strength and endurance!

That was the theme of today’s workout and let me tell you, it delivered!  It’s a magical world when you realize that you can accomplish both strength and endurance in one workout.  The recipe is simple:  lift heavy objects (appropriate for your ability of course), move them around by pushing and pulling, and do it quickly (with pretty form).  All the sudden you have a workout that will keep your heart rate up while helping you build power and strength.  Intrigued?  Give this one a try!

This workout has 3 sections to it and you will do 5 sets of each alternating back and forth between the two exercises.

1a.  10 Squat to Presses (also known as thrusters) Use Dumbbells if you don’t have a landmine.

1b.  10 Lateral Burpees, I modified mine using a bench to help my wrists out.

2a.  15 KB Swings/5 Pushups

2b.  45 second Sled Push, if you don’t have a sled, sub any plyometric exercise.

3a.  5 Heavy Bent Over Rows/10 Alternating Reverse Lunges

3b.  30 second Heavy Carry



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