Going Hard and Going Medium

I wanted to share with you all tonight something we have started doing in our group classes at Golfletica. It’s called “Goin’ Hard and Goin’ Medium”. Coined by our awesome client Cheryl, this is a two way approach to working with large groups of golfers that allows each client to choose their level and workout safely.

One of the biggest challenges of group classes is satisfying all the needs in the room. There is no way everyone will be at the same level, but it is possible to challenge everyone in their own way and keep it safe!

So with several of our classes throughout the week, I’ve started laying out a plan that provides some more dynamics exercises for those ready, and something that can still deliver a great workout but is easily modified.

You can see in this case we are keeping the base movements really simple but making it so someone could easily load weight or switch back and forth between the two options. This was a moderate intensity cardio session where the goal was to maintain the heat rate between 120-135 bpm for 25 minutes. This has been one of my go to workouts each week instead of going for a run (which I’m technically not allowed to do anymore) or fast walk (it’s too cold!).

It’s so important to always work at a level that provides success and safety. This is a great way to deliver both for your client!

Happy Friyay!


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