Living an Asymmetrical life

There is no humanly way that a body can be perfectly symmetrical.  We all have a dominant side and will lean on that more throughout the day and especially with athletic activities.

That being said, here is your challenge for the day:  Can you spot the differences between each jump?

The drill I’m doing in this video is something we work on in TKD.  We’re at the phase in training where we are trying to do continuous jumping kicks.  There is one small problem though, I’m terrible rotating to the right!



30 years of rotating aggressively towards the left has created a major difference in how I produce rotational power each direction and that’s a big problem!

As you can see in the video, when I jump to the right, I land off center and my torso falls forward.  This video is actually after I had worked on it a little bit so it’s not nearly as bad as my first few attempts.  When I rotate left, I turn tight and land really solid.  While this is something that is not a deal breaker for the golf swing, it is a cause for concern.  Strengthening my patterns in the opposite direction will help create better overall stability and prevent me from getting too lopsided.

Give this drill a try at home and see what happens.  If you aren’t comfortable doing the 360 degree jump, you can do a 180 degree instead.  The goal is to simply step forward creating power and transition that right into a rotational jump.  Evaluate how stable you are at the landing point, if you land in the same spot you took off from and if it just feels awkward.

Let me know how it goes!


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