When you don’t want to hear it….

Everyone needs someone in their life that can call them out on their BS. Today I’m thankful for this guy who served me up a dose of truth after nine holes and made me reset my sucky attitude. As much as I believe in pushing the positives and staying present, today I just couldn’t get there. It wasn’t like I was playing terrible, my mind was just not in a great place. I started looking for outs and thankfully my husband was there to call me out. He reminded me that:

1. I would never let any of the athletes I coach give up

2. These are the days when growth really happens

3. If I give up this easy in practice, it will be that much easier to give up in a competition

4. I’m better than the piss poor attitude I had

5. Letting outside agents like pace of play affect me is ridiculous, all I can control is how I react to the situation

6. And finally, never give up! Hustle, Loyalty, Respect….in other words, what would John Cena do?

I think today served as a good reminder of how easy it is to surround ourselves with people that are like minded and tell us what we want to hear. But having those people that can be straight with us and challenge our thinking is essential to growth. They may irritate us by saying what we don’t want to hear, but make sure to take a step back and realize they wouldn’t be saying it if we weren’t capable of that change.

Happy Sunday, S

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