Short on time? Here are 3 quick moves with the kettlebell you will love!

Let’s keep this simple today.  We’re all busy, it’s hard to fit in a workout.  It’s easy to get into the all or nothing mentality with it comes to fitness, but I like to adhere to all or something.  Even just a few minutes of work can make a difference in your mind frame and will help you build consistency.

Here are 3 of my favorite kettlebell exercises that when put together equal a full body, heart rate challenging workout!

10 Kettlebell Swings/ 5 Windmills Right/ 10 Kettlebell Cleans/ 5 Windmills Left

Simply set a timer for how ever much time you have and repeat the above sequence.  Remember these keys:

  • Lock out the glutes at the top of your swing and clean
  • Focus on using the ground to drive the power
  • The windmill is a combo of a hip hinge and rotation
  • Start light with the weights until you own the movements


Have fun!


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