Tuesday night thoughts

Processed with VSCO with ku8 preset

I wanted to post this photo tonight because it serves as a daily reminder to me about resiliency.  From the darkest of places and toughest of times, it is possible to emerge stronger than ever before.  This girl is doing her best to continue her recovery and I’m hoping that one day soon I will be back in the saddle with her.  In the meantime I’m continuing on my personal mission to feel stronger both mentally and physically.  Today was my first competitive golf round of the year and it was so wonderful to feel a strong sense of self with each step I took.  That is something I have not felt maybe ever on the golf course or maybe even in my everyday life as well.  But I felt a sense of calmness throughout the round and just immersed myself in the process knowing that today was another step on the ladder.  Tomorrow is just another day and an opportunity to continue growing.

Goodnight friends, I’m off to bed because I have an early tee time!


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