Add this move to your warmup!

When we talk about warming up, it can’t just be about a few stretches or doing a few minutes of cardio.  If you are preparing the body to do something dynamic, particularly playing golf, you need to stoke the fire and get the nervous system ready to go!

That’s what this exercise is all about and one that I love seeing incorporated as a recovery exercise between sets in a workout, or as part of workout preparation.

Basically, you are going to set up like you’re planning on jumping up on one foot or even doing a lay up (although we want to make sure our arms are working in the proper sequence!).  Position one foot behind you and drive it up towards the ceiling as hard as you can.  But the key here is that you are going to stop your momentum right when the knee gets to a 90 degree angle.  Once there, tighten everything and hold!

The idea is to create some quickness and then quickly decelerate it and stabilize the body.  Sound familiar?  That’s the golf swing in a nut shell!  It’s also what happens in so many amazing exercises like the deadlift, kettlebell swing, squat, lunge….the list could go on forever.  This is the perfect exercise to prime the body for so many activities!

Check it out and give it a try, your body will thank you!


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