Empty the tank, then take time to reflect

I’m sharing this data today because I had a chance to stop in and take my favorite cycle class today. And the instructor Drew does something in his workouts that is truly making a huge impact on me. After one of the hardest sections of the workout where you literally feel your entire body tingling and fatigued, he gives you a few minutes to close your eyes and just ride. It’s a amazing feeling to push your body’s and mind so hard, but those few minutes of reflection is life changing. It’s made me start thinking about my work with my own clients and how important it is to allow them time to get back in tune with their body after pushing their limits. It’s in those moments that true change happens and you can get in touch with who you are and where you’re going.

Today as I closed my eyes in class I thought of those moments on the golf course where I’ve experienced adversity and how this introspection time can make a huge impact on my ability to cope. This is when exercise becomes so much more than a means to improve your physical health and provides a mental and emotional outlet as well. Perhaps if the world began to look at exercise this way instead of a necessary evil, more people would choose to be active.

Just a few thoughts on this Tuesday evening that I will be taking into the PNGA Cup this week. Let’s go!!


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