A little recap

I took the last few days off from writing to focus on golf. This week was our annual PNGA Cup and it was a pretty physically and emotionally draining test. As with any round of golf, there were highs and lows, although right not the low feels pretty low. But I’m thankful for these opportunities to continue learning and growing. Golf is really good a exposing ones weaknesses and also showing someone’s true character. I’m walking away from this week so happy to have spent time with some of my favorite people who make my heart so happy. And also needing to accept that some people will never change and the only thing I have control over is how I react to their behavior. Today I stayed more focused and non reactive then ever before despite my personal feelings. It was a huge step forward in many ways, and I’m proud of how I handled myself and didn’t allow some of the nonsense to impact me. It was just golf.

I got home this afternoon and laid down for a few moments, 3 hours later I work up :). Whoops! I guess that’s what playing almost 14 days in under 2 weeks will do to you!

Cheers to the weekend friends!


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