Pre-Round Glute Activating Exercise Alert

I’m always in search of the best ways to get my body working at it’s absolute best before a round of golf.  Over the years, I’ve reduced the amount of time on the range and increased the amount of time in the gym before a round.  I don’t know about you, but the driving range is where my golf game goes to die.  The mats beat the crap out of my body and I just don’t gain a lot trying to get my body warmed up there.

This is one of my favorite exercises I use as an alternative because it helps activate the glutes and it also creates enough stability that I can sufficiently warm up my thoracic rotation.

Here are a few keys:

  • Start in an athletic/golf posture position with your foot against the wall
  • I’m probably a little closer to the wall then I like, I will typically make sure there is a  straight line from my shoulder the knee
  • Push the foot into the wall as hard as you can focusing on the heel
  • This will trigger the foot on the floor to push as well and will get the leg muscles burning
  • Once you feel stable, keep the arms across your chest and rotate within a range where you can keep the lower body still
  • Try 30 seconds on each side

Happy Golfing friends!


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