Cinco De Mayo Workout Alert!

Ok, this one is seriously awesome.  In fact, I loved this workout so much that it will definitely become a regular in my routine each week. One, it utilizes kettlebells which are pretty much my favorite training tool right now. Two, it challenges the left and right sides separately which is always a nice changeContinue reading “Cinco De Mayo Workout Alert!”

Why stretch when you can grab weights!

Piggy backing off of yesterday’s post on warming up, today I wanted to share with you a few exercises that are great at preparing the body for activity by using weights.  Yes, you are going to get some dumbbells or kettlebells in your hands as a way to get ready for your workout! Here’s theContinue reading “Why stretch when you can grab weights!”

4 moves, 5 reps, 6 rounds

This one is short and sweet today: Grab your favorite Kettlebell that you feel comfortable going overhead with Make sure you have done a thorough warm up that included getting your hip hinge working properly and the glutes firing on all cylinders There are only 4 exercises in this circuit and you will be doingContinue reading “4 moves, 5 reps, 6 rounds”

Your body isn’t symmetrical, so why train like it is?

When you work in the world of golf performance, you commit to a life of training athletes that are always fighting the battle of asymmetry.  Here’s the deal, you swing a golf club at a rapid rate of speed in one direction.  You also do most things primarily with one side of your body toContinue reading “Your body isn’t symmetrical, so why train like it is?”

Getting back into the swing of things

After two days of feeling like crap, the kettlebells were the perfect tool to get me back moving today while still allowing me to, in the words of one of my favorite clients Cheryl, go medium! I probably could have rested another day, but here is something important for those of you who fall intoContinue reading “Getting back into the swing of things”

The power of the pyramid workout

Sometimes you just have to switch things up.  I feel like I’ve been on a roll with doing workouts where the reps stay consistent and this morning my body was asking for something different.  Enter pyramid reps! The idea is to start with fewer reps, increase each round and then decrease back to the startContinue reading “The power of the pyramid workout”

Kettlebells, Bodyweight and Sprints

One of my favorite parts of travel is experiencing a new fitness environment.  Hotel gyms are always hit or miss, but that’s half the fun!  I actually find that different equipment and a different view breathes new life into my routine.  The facility at the Ritz Carlton at Kapalua is definitely one of the betterContinue reading “Kettlebells, Bodyweight and Sprints”

Getting after Stability Training with Kettlebells

My love affair with the Kettlebells only continues to grow.  They have quickly become my go to training device when I want to get my heart rate up and challenge my stability.  Seeing as how one of the biggest issues I have is proximal stability, the kettlebells attack this specific area.  In order to generateContinue reading “Getting after Stability Training with Kettlebells”