Monday Rehab: My Favorite Exercises for Increasing Stability

If you’re like me, warming up is not always about trying to mobilize the body, it’s more about activating muscles to help gain better stability.  Yes, I have have excessive movement in all the wrong places, and ultimately, improving my stability in those joints will help me have better control and move better from the correct places.

Here are 3 of my favorite moves to accomplish this!

  1. 1/2 Kneeling Lift and Rotate:  Start from a solid 1/2 kneeling position with the legs both at 90 degrees.  Tuck your pelvis under and squeeze the glute on side where your knee is down.  This will create an active stretch on your hip flexor and secure the pelvis.  From here, push through the front foot and elevate yourself about 1 inch.  Keeping the lower body stable, rotate from the chest first and then reach across your body.  Slowly return to your starting position.  Try 5 on each side and do a 2 sets!
  2. Tall Kneeling Arm Lift:  This is a new variation I have been trying on the I/Y exercise.  Instead of using both arms, place one on your leg and push into it.  Maintain this pressure while raising the other arm.  Your glutes and core will be on fire with this one and you may find better range of motion through the arm.
  3. Elevated Bird Dog:  I’ve posted a few variations of this one before because it is simply awesome.  With this one, find your neutral spine and barely lift the knees off the ground.  The goal is to tap your hand on the opposite side while staying stable.  This one is tough!!



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