A great way to build speed and stability with one exercise!

Lateral Bounding is one of my all time favorite exercises that I use pretty much every day with myself and with all my clients.  In a world where we spend most of our day looking, walking and reaching forward, it’s so important to balance that out with some lateral movement.  Especially as a golfer it’s essential to work on all planes of motion in addition to acceleration and deceleration.  This is what the Lateral Bound brings to the table!

So today I’m showing you a few of my favorite variations of this awesome exercise, take a look:

Here are a few keys to lateral bounding to keep in mind:

  • The goal is to land softly and balanced.  This exercise is as much about creating power to push off as it is about controlling the landing.
  • Only jump as far as you can safely maintain your balance.
  • You can choose to stay low to the ground like you are ice skating or create a more vertically dynamic version by jumping high.
  • The quick step version is a great way to work on reaction time and dynamic stabilization.
  • By adding in a rotation, you create a larger challenge for the core.  As you can see in the version I struggle to stay on one foot!

Give these a try in your next workout and enjoy all the benefits!


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