Warm Up Wednesday!

Here’s one of my favorite finishing exercises to do before I play or practice.

Reverse Lunge to Rotation!

Keys to Remember:

  • Focus on your foot and feeling the ground beneath you
  • When dropping back into the lunge position, tuck your pelvis under.  This will help engage the glutes and core, as well as provide an active stretch on the hip flexor.
  • Breathe out and drive up hard to the balance position
  • Once balanced, focus on feeling the glute on your standing leg activated.
  • Add the rotational component once you feel proficient in the lunge.
  • Focus on stabilizing the lower body while rotating from your t-spine.  If you lose your balance, chances are you may have over-rotated!
  • You can always start by only rotating at the bottom of the lunge, and then adding the top rotation once you feel more stable
  • Don’t be afraid to bust this out on the first tee or the driving range, your opponents will only be intimidated by your power!

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