Reorganizing the gym

After two weeks of vacation, I found myself wanting to revamp the layout of my workout room this week.  Partly to breathe some new life into it and free up some space, but also to take some more consideration into the placement of our equipment.

My inspiration was a picture posted on instagram last week that showed the set up of a squat rack and asked followers to figure out what looked different from most gyms.  The answer was the organization of the weights.  A light bulb went off for me the second I saw it, why on earth have I been putting the heavy weights on the bottom?

Typically a weight rack will have the lighter weights on the top and heavy down low.  But this winter we have been pulling those heavy ones out far more often and it’s super awkward!  So we decided to swap the order of the dumbbells to make it easier to access them and safer.  Now when someone reaches for the 50 pounders, they will be in a better postural position!

What would you change about your gym set up?


It’s amazing how much better my room feels after moving everything around and putting more thought into the set up.  Shout out to Danno for the photo bomb 🙂


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