Warm Up Wednesday: Wall Activation

I have been talking glutes a lot the past few days, so why not keep up with the theme for Warm Up Wednesday.  Getting the body prepared for athletic activity is not just about stretching or warming up the muscles, it is also about activating!

Here is a quick way to get those glutes firing in addition to getting some ground force working:

Glute Wall Activation

A few keys:

  • Find a wall and set up in golf posture with your body against it
  • The leg closest to the wall will be off the ground and against it as well
  • Check in on your head position, I find a lot of people will start dropping their head towards the ground while doing this which is not ideal for the neck
  • Push your body as hard as you can against the wall, using your foot to produce the force
  • Push as hard as you stinking can!
  • The glute on the standing leg will switch on and start to feel awesome!
  • Hold for 30 seconds and switch
  • Make sure the wall you choose is sturdy, fences are usually not great choices (it’s possible I fell through one once)



Happy Glute Activating!


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