Tall Kneeling Med Ball Slam Variation 

I’m sitting here watching the Superbowl and it’s hard to ignore how powerful and fast these guys are.  Combining that kind of size with speed is just unreal, let alone their ability to fly through the air.

So as we head into what will surely be a cold and possibly snowy week here in Seattle, why not use that time away from the course to build some of that same speed and power in the gym.

Here is one of my favorite Med Ball Slam variations that is a great way to work on developing speed and power.

Tall Kneeling Slam and Hinge

  • Set up in a kneeling position, it helps to put a pad under the knees
  • You can place a ball between your feet to squeeze to better engage the glutes
  • Select a Med Ball of appropriate weight
  • Start with it above your head, activating the glutes from this position
  • Slam the ball on the ground in front of you making sure to breathe out and keep the body upright
  • Let the arms swing past your body
  • To set back up for your next one, hinge from the hips making sure to again use those glutes!
  • Start with 8-10 reps of these mixed in with your regular workout!


Poor Danno was not a huge fan of this exercise 🙂


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