Tic Tac Toe!

Another week, another round of snow and closed golf courses!  This is making for some very busy driving ranges as we all scramble to get our games together for Spring golf.

The driving range can become a dark hole of despair though, where countless numbers of people hit bucket after bucket with absolutely no purpose.  And it always starts with the best intentions, but eventually we all go down the road of trying different things with our swings until something works.  All the sudden we’ve hit 100 golf balls and we’re lucky if even 10 of those golf balls did what we wanted.  An important question to ask yourself?  Did you just practice to get better, or practice to get worse?

This is why going to the range with a plan is essential!  Today I bring you a fun competition that will bring out your imagination and also help you work on shaping shots.



  • First rule of all competitive games, make sure you are playing for something!  Pushups seem to always do the trick
  • Flip a coin to figure out who goes first
  • Pick a box and execute the corresponding shot
  • To add some extra difficulty, have your opponent pick the target
  • If you execute it successfully, you get to put your initials in that box
  • Just like in the traditional game, you have to get 3 boxes in a row to win!

We used this today at the Seattle U practice and actually made a match play bracket ending with the winner from each team playing in the finals.  It made for some great competition and everyone walked away having worked on some incredibly functional aspects of their game.  This is a driving range win!!


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