If you struggle with Shoulder Stability….you need this exercise!

Where are my fellow crazy wild arm hypermobile golfers at? Yes, I’m talking to all of you who feel like it doesn’t matter what you do, your arms are in a completely different planet when you swing the club.  And that means you’re constantly struggling with timing.  Always using your hands to square the faceContinue reading “If you struggle with Shoulder Stability….you need this exercise!”

The good, the bad and the “golfish”

There is a bit of a debate in my industry when it comes to whether or not exercises that look like a golf swing are actually helpful.  As with most things in life, people seem to fall somewhere on the far extremes of this conversation.  But in my mind, the truth of the issue liesContinue reading “The good, the bad and the “golfish””

How to evaluate a rough day at the course

One thing that always seems to hold true with golf is that there are going to be really good days, and days that are just off.  Sometimes you will hit it off the center of the face and be filled with excitement, and other times you look up and see the ball snapping dead left.Continue reading “How to evaluate a rough day at the course”

The perfect way to work on your putting and stay warm!

Is anyone else getting really annoyed with this cold weather? If it’s going to be this cold, I wish it would just snow! Instead I’m just patiently waiting for a golf course to open because I have golf fever right now!! What’s the best cure for when you want to play, but it’s freezing out?Continue reading “The perfect way to work on your putting and stay warm!”

2 great driving range drills that will help you discover your golf identity

A few years back, I had one of the most impactful golf lessons of my entire life.  At the time I had been struggling mentally during competition to the point of having near anxiety attacks that would leave my hands shaking.  In search of a new perspective, I made the trip north to see myContinue reading “2 great driving range drills that will help you discover your golf identity”

Warm Up Wednesday: Activate that core!

I get this questions a lot: “If you could choose one exercise to engage your core before a round of golf, what would it be?” Leg Drops!! The single greatest exercise of the century guaranteed to get the body firing on all cylinders and ready to hit the golf ball a mile! Some keys toContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Activate that core!”

April workouts come to a close….

……with my favorite workout of all, golf! There is nothing better than walking 18 holes, clubs on back and smile on face! Tomorrow marks the return of Monday Rehab and also a new challenge, 100 kicks a day in the month of May.  We are doing this as an office challenge, any missed days areContinue reading “April workouts come to a close….”

Golf Ball Balance Drill

Looking for a fun balance exercise that you can do while watching TV tonight?  This is one of my favorites, and as an added bonus it helps reinforce and challenge your internal/external hip rotation!  And yes, I’m listening to Taylor Dayne, it just felt like an 80’s kind of night around here. Hope you allContinue reading “Golf Ball Balance Drill”

Warm Up Wednesday: Golfletica Flow

I have become a huge fan of doing a flow series as part of my warm up over the past few years.  The beauty of a flow is that you can connect so many movements together and the end result is a body that feels activated and ready for anything.  Here are a few ofContinue reading “Warm Up Wednesday: Golfletica Flow”